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EuroSpec Tools - Special Tools

Special Tools - Die

For any enquiry on special dies, please state:

  • Total height H1, H2 and H3

  • Dimensions A, B, C, D, E and radius R

  • Number and position of grooves

  • Width of grooves V

  • Degrees on grooves F

  • Length and segmented

Special Tools - Punch

For any enquiry on special punches, please state:

  • Total height H

  • Dimensions of tongue A - B - C - D

  • Degrees on the nose F

  • Measure of flat on E or radius R

  • Whether the press-brake presses on P or P1

  • Length and segmented

Eurospec Tooling, Press Brake Special Tools, Pressbrake UK

Eurospec tools, press brake special tools. Suitable for:

Adira, Amada, CMU, Safan, Guifil, Promecam, Kingsland, Durmazlar, Durma, Ermak, Ermaksan, Edwards Pearson, Morgan Rushworth, Rico, Shemach, Jean Perrot, Dener, K & B, Cressex, AFM, Ajail, Mebusa, Haco, Dener, Warcom, Gasparini, Imal, Mecos, Megobal, Megoform, Atlantic, CR Electronic, Baykal, Jordi, Elga, YSD, Toyokoki, Carter, Mantech

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